• Your Retirement Specialist 

    Global Financial Trust is a locally owned and operated firm and we specialize in safe, secure, guaranteed and insured investments for our client's pre-retirement and post-retirement investment needs. We are licensed by the state of Michigan (GFT Investment Group), have access to over 2000 banks nationwide and over 50 different insurance institutions. All banks are Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) re-insured and all insurance institutions are re-insured through the Michigan Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association (MLHIGA). Thus, all retirement investment accounts are insured to legal limits.

    At Global Financial Trust we look for the highest yields available to help our clients meet their retirement needs. We research the institutions and their products to make sure they are financially sound. Because we are an independent and an extremely diversified financial planning firm, we are not limited to any one organization and/or product thus allowing us to tailor our client's retirement investments to accommodate their individual wants and needs. Very simply, we are a financial planning firm whose loyalty is always with our client's best interests and not with any one institution.

    With over 70 years of combined experience, Global Financial Trust is uniquely poised to service your safe, secure, guaranteed and insured retirement investment needs. With greater returns and a higher level of personal service, we invite you to give Global Financial Trust the opportunity to be your financial planner.