• "My only regret is not meeting with Global Financial Trust sooner. I appreciate the considerable time they took to learn about us, to educate themselves on what we wanted before they would recommend anything. Then, every recommendation they offered us fully respected our wants, needs and goals. They also educated us and offered us several options to choose from. We like the fact they allowed us to be directly involved in our own investments. Whatever the issue is they are always very very honest and forthright. I have recommended them to friends and family."

    M. Bailey, Mecosta, MI

  • "Some of the things I like best about working with Global Financial Trust is their attention to details. I find their presentation to be very educational and informative. Their follow through is always very thorough. I have been inspired to re-invest our money wisely and all of our correspondence always contains good news."

    M. & M. Smith, Grand Rapids, MI

  • "I find Global Financial Trust is very knowledgeable about investments and takes the time necessary to educate us about all of our options. Their advice has always been honest, direct and in our best interest."

    M. & M. McCaul, Caledonia, MI

  • "We are so glad to have met with Global Financial Trust. They treat us like family. Their honest and sincere desire to do what is best for us is refreshing. They have even made recommendations that were in our best interest and of no benefit to them whatsoever. We enjoy doing business with them."

    M. & M. Haan, Jenison, MI

  • "Global Financial Trust respects that my time is valuable and always returns my phone calls immediately. I have never had to play the 'waiting game.' Their personal service is wonderful and even though I'm sure I'm not one of their biggest investors they treat me as an important client with the utmost respect. I can always count on them and I have the highest regard for them."

    M. Lane, Wyoming, MI

  • Global Financial Trust of Grand Rapids Michigan is locally owned and operated and is not affiliated in any way with any other Global Financial Trust Nationally or Internationally.