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As you approach retirement and certainly after you retire, protecting your nest egg should become your number one priority.  Additionally, it is also important that you continue to drive your earning potential without giving up your safety and security.

At Global Financial Trust, We specialize in investment products that protect our client’s assets, increase our client's potential income, assist to reduce our client's tax exposure and preserve more assets for their heirs. With over 70 years of combined experience in the safe, secure, guaranteed and insured investment world and access to over 2,000 banks nationwide all FDIC insured, several hundred credit unions nationwide all NCUA insured, and licensed by over 50 separate insurance companies nationwide all members of MLHIGA, Global Financial Trust is diversified like no other financial planning firm in West Michigan to provide your guaranteed and insured investment needs. 

Unfortunately, many retirees seeking to protect their retirement portfolio settle for the     low interest rates currently offered by banks and credit unions.  Many well respected experts agree this is a big mistake. In today’s low interest and high inflation economic environment this has become nothing more than a safe way for many to go broke, certainly not an effective retirement plan.   Knowing all of your options is critical in developing an effective course for your retirement needs.  There are better options that are just as safe, just as secure and fully insured that offer a greater rate of return, provide greater income, reduce your tax exposure and preserve more for your heirs.

It has been our experience that banks would like you to believe that in order to have protection you must sacrifice your potential.  Conversely, Wall Street would like you to believe that you have to give up your protection in order to have greater potential.  Neither of these statements is entirely true.  At Global Financial Trust we specialize in introducing our clients to investment products that offer the protection they need with the greater potential they deserve.  After all it’s your money, you worked hard for it and now you need it to work hard for you without any potential for loss.

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2.00% APY*                   2.80% APY*
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*Annual Percentage Yield (APY).  $20,000 minimum deposit.  Rates and deposit amount subject to availability and subject to change prior to purchase.  Penalty for early withdrawal.  Some age restrictions may apply.  CD style annuity fully guaranteed, fully insured and fully re-insured to legal limits.  Tax-deferred.  Other guaranteed and insured investment products provided through GFT Investment Group.